Winemaking Consulting

I am able to co-ordinate many aspects of your winemaking requirements, from advice in the vineyard regarding optimum picking times, through to grape cartage, intake to our winery, weighing, crushing, fermentation, blending, varietal styling, oak selection and tank storage.


In order to assist you in achieving the wine style that is right for you, I assess each wine batch individually, monitor maturation processes, offer classification assessment, provide filtering services and we also create bench trials of your wine for your assessment.


My service will ensure that your wines are fully analysed and export compliant, prior to your bottling schedule. I will share my supplier contacts with regards to the best products at the best price for your individual needs.


Services include:

  • Vintage and Production Planning
  • Vineyard Inspections and Viticultural Advice
  • Grape Processing
  • Personalised Premium Winemaking
  • Wine Management
  • Wine Storage
  • Oak Selection
  • Additive Sourcing
  • Bottling Management
  • Product and Style Assessment and Reviews


Wine sales require a visible brand profile in an extremely competitive wine industry. I am able to offer direction in suitable packaging and strong label design for your brand.


My partnership with award winning marketer Caddie Marshall allows us to provide you with an effective marketing plan developed for your brand, supported by social media plans and tactical sales strategies that will increase your market exposure and distribution support.


At a small fraction of the cost of hiring a full time marketing manager, we are able to identify solutions that are directly suited to your brand, such as providing usable market research assessment, targeting media, highlighting events, identifying sales avenues and actively establishing distribution channels for you.


Benefit from our chosen network of industry specific professionals including graphic artists, label printers, bottle photographers and website developers.


Services include:

  • Label and Packaging Design
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Plans and Social Media Management
  • Brand Management
  • Sales Solutions
  • Event Participation and Management